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Like many, the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing lock-down was something we were not prepared for. It has been hard to not be able to rely on our usual means of connection as a church, with physical gatherings happening within restrictions in order to keep everyone in our community safe. However, we have been, and continue to work hard to find ways to connect with one another, make a meaningful difference to our neighbours and communities, and grow in our faith as we continue to worship God together. Although we are only running physical Sunday morning services in our building for a smaller number of people than usual, Christ Church Woodbury is still very much open. Below is a list of some of the things we are doing right now, feel free to get in touch with us if you would like any more information – you can still get a hold of us by email or phone on 01395 233425.

On most Sunday mornings our services are livestreamed to Facebook and YouTube from our building in Woodbury where a smaller number of people are present. We also have an interactive family service on the first Sunday of the month with people in the building and on Zoom. Get in touch if you would be interested in reserving a seat at either of these.

Most Sundays at 9am we gather on Zoom to share communion together and spend time connecting with each other and praying together in breakout rooms.

On Thursday mornings we gather on Zoom to pray together for our communities, our church, and our world.

There are great opportunities to grow in faith through house groups and our monthly service for women in our community.

Connection is as important now as ever, which is why we use Hubs and Zoom social events to help everyone stay in touch with each other.

We have continued to support a number of projects and charities through this time, both locally and internationally.

We continue to work with kids and families throughout our communities, including running an evening kids club and monthly all-age services.

Our youth work continues through evening youth clubs, mentoring, Sunday morning content and work in Exmouth College alongside Open Door.

What’s on this week

We are currently exploring “Acts: The Church Scattered” in our Sunday Services.

Please go to our YouTube channel for further information.

Job Opportunity

We have an exciting opportunity to join our staff team as Church Administrator. For more information, including a job description, click here.


“Our vision is to reach every person in Woodbury and the surrounding area with the love of God through immersing ourselves in our community, supported by a loving, faith growing church.”